RATB - Regia Autonoma de Transport Bucuresti


One century of searching for a civilized public transport at the disposal of his majesty, the citizen of Bucharest. Located in RATB Sport Center, the RATB museum tells about the slightly out of date but full of romanticism world of the ‚Little Paris’

Objects miraculously saved from the ruthless guillotine of destruction, old photos- many of them realized on glass - post cards illustrating the history of public transport in Bucharest, reproductions - realized with great passion and in many hours of work and inspiration – of vehicles that seem to wait at the traffic light, generous donations from people that understand what a museum means….this is, in few words, what we are offering you.

Location: Str. Trapezului, nr.4, sector 3, Bucharest - at Complexul Sportiv R.A.T.B. Information: 031.425.04.82